Sunday, August 6, 2006

SOTU Report

Dog Fasion Disco: Overslept. Missed 'em. Can't imagine I would like a band with a name like this, though.

Horse The Band: Overslept. Missed 'em. But again, seriously, who is naming these bands?

Chariot: Overslept. Missed 'em. But at least their name is a lot better than the first two.

Behemoth: Excellent. At least what I saw. I kind of walked in on the middle of their set.

The Black Dahlia Murder: I don't remember anything special about them.  The music on their MySpace site sounds better than anything I remember them playing at the show.

Terror: Yeah, I don't remember anything much about them, either. I meant to write this up a lot closer to the show. I think this was the guy who kept talking about "positive agression." That got old, whoever it was.

Gwar: Was Gwar. Now that I've seen them, though, I probably won't bother seeing them again. 

Converge: I don't remember anything about this band, either.

Cannibal Corpse: Rocked. Probably the best performance of any band there. I wish they would have had a full hour.

Trivium: Great guitars. Horrible vocals. I could probably listen to them if they would just shut up. It's not that either guy does a bad job, but putting them together is just a mistake, and neither fits the type of music they play.

In Flames: Good show. They're always good.

As I Lay Dying: I don't remember anything special about this band. I hung around for awhile to see if anything they played grabbed my attention, but it didn't. I left before their set was over so I wouldn't get caught in traffic. It wasn't worth that.



Sunday, August 06, 2006 

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