Sunday, November 5, 2006

International Pool & Spa Expo and Backyard Living Expo

The first room I stayed in at Harrah's. It was supposed to be non-smoking. I had requested a non-smoking room but that put me in a smoking room anyway. So I asked them to take me out of that room and put me somewhere else. They put me in this room. But there was something sprayed in the room--to cover up what I don't know. Whatever it was they sprayed, it burned my eyes.

The room was kind of oddly shaped.

It had these closets.

Not every bathroom is like the bathroom at the Hyatt.

This shower reminded me of one in a gym.

So my first room had something sprayed in it that burned my eyes and was like showering in a gym. I asked for a different one. This is it. It was a non-smoking room and it didn't burn my eyes when I walked into it. Progress.

The bathroom. It was nicer.

This was the bathtub at Harrahs. Also nicer.

This was the closet. It had mirrors. The other didn't. I guess that's nicer.

The view out my window.

The new product area outside the registration area at the International Pool and Spa Expo and Backyard Living Expo.

The registration area.

More of the registration area.

Even more of the registration area.

Yet more registration area.

The entrance to the show!

Where fearsome creatures like this inflated flying elephant lurked, waiting for unsuspecting exposition attendees. They move fast, that's why it's blurry.

The registration area about two hours after the show closed.

The other side of the registration area after the show.

After the show we had dinner at Kahunaville. This was the volcano appetizer.

Befitting the Hawaiian theme: the volcano appetizer, this time with ham.

My own private Las Vegas Monorail car. Number 307, apparently.

My own private JetBlue plane to take me home. OK, not quite.

Twenty paces from my car in the parking garage, back on the east coast.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006 

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