Thursday, October 23, 2008

Punkin Chunkin

This day found me taking lunch at Winterbrook Farms.

Sure, there's farm-like stuff there.

And a giant teepee.

With a big kettle in it.

Umm . . . and a skeleton pirate . . . so it's like Disney all over again?

There is a corn maze for big kids.

And there was a hay bale maze for little kids. Unfortunately it didn't survive the big kids. As it turns out, that doesn't
detract so much from the fun for the little kids anyway.

My coworkers arrive.

We are all here for the main attraction: the pumkin cannon!

And its sidekick . . .

The apple cannon!

The apples come out of here.

This is where the apples go.

Things look less bad for the target from the side.

You line the target up from here.

Apples away!

These are the pumpkin targets. Notice they are larger.

You line up the targets here.

The business end of the pumpkin cannon.

The ammunition.

The pumpkin cannon is a breech loader.

The cannon charges.

Pumpkin away!

A fluffy white cloud in the sky? No! That's pumpkin chunkin power right there!

I wasn't the only one taking pictures. And I do like to take pictures of people taking pictures.

And here's what we were taking pictures of.

Pumpkins captured in mid-air are fun to watch. The Green Goblin would be proud. If he weren't dead . . . stupid Spider Man movie . . . .

I could watch them fly through the air all day. The Hobgoblin would be proud. If he weren't dead . . . stupid Spider Man movie sequel . . . .

These pumkin-bearers mean business!

More pictures being taken. They're missing the pumpkin though!

He's put down the camera and picked up the pumpkins.

And away they go!

Sometimes far away . . . oops . . . .

Tragically, not all pumpkins are able to earn their wings.

More ammo has arrived!

These pumpkins are ready to go!

And there one of them goes! This pumpkin looks kind of polished, oddly.

A closer look at the ammunition revealed this sport is something like the sport of geocaching.

Yup. There is a spider. He might just be in for the ride of his life.

One last cannon blast, aimed at the sky.

It launches the pumpkin far, far away. It's the barely perceptable speck above the top of the ship at the bottom of the picture.

Presidential helicopters. I thought it best to aim away from them. Their response would probably not come in the form of a pumpkin.

The farm does do business apart from launching pumpkins in the air. Although it's hard to imagine why.

They raise turkeys. These were almost brand new.

If you ever watched Dirty Jobs, you might have seen that not every bird makes it off the farm. This guy is just sleeping, though.
I watched him get up after this.

Attitude is everything! This bird was not happy I was taking his picture. This picture makes me laugh almost as
much as the baby goat picture.

Thursday, October 23, 2008 

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