Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Recent Concerts

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I went to several concerts in the past two weeks. I have no ticket for the Cannibal Corpse concert I went to. The Red Chord, Job For A Cowboy, and Psyopus were also part of the concert. I saw 2 out of the three, I'm just not sure which two. Anyway, the day after I saw Cannibal Corpse, I saw Dimmu Borgir. At the same place. Touring with Dimmu Borgir are Unearth, Devil Driver, and Kataklysm. I missed Kataklysm. I only caught some of Devil Driver's stuff, but it sounded pretty good. Unearth didn't thrill me that much. Dimmu Borgir was good, but the sound wasn't right through most of the first half of the show. It was hard to make out songs I knew.

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One week later, at the same spot, I saw Type O Negative. With them were Brand New Sin and Celtic Frost. Brand New Sin was just a good heavy rock and roll band. I liked their stuff. Celtic Frost was very good. Really impressive. I will probably see them in concert if they headline, which I am sure they will. Type O Negative was pretty good. Again, the sound was messed up. There was an old guy doing sound for Celtic Frost, he did great. The guy doing sound for Type O was younger but not young. He turned off the metal that was playing while the stage was being set and played some sort of R&B crap. So he had that going against him from the start. He was constantly missing having the mics up when the performers started to sing. Somehow he still managed to get feedback noise several times during the performance, too.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007 

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