Sunday, August 12, 2007

MGX Part I

OK. I was away for a long time this time and I took lots of pictures, so I am going to break this down into a few blog entries. This is a picture of the plane I flew to Orlando in, and it's part of the first installment in what I anticipate being a four part series that will break down something like this: work, the day I killed waiting to fly out, work, and the day I killed waiting to fly out. I had about 250 pictures, about half of which were blurry. But usually my camera tells me they're blurry, so I wind up taking multiple pictures of the same thing to get one that's clear.

I'm not sure why I take pictures of the hotel rooms, but I do, and this is my room at the Rosen Plaza. More specifically, this is the vanity in it.

These are some more towels and a safe.

Some more towels. I had plenty of towels. Which is a good thing, because I was at this hotel forever. I did run out of towels, so I had to let housekeeping in to replace them.

This is the shower. Water-saving showerheads are not my favorite.

The closet door caused me to have flashbacks to the Taj, which is what cool people call the Trump Taj Mahal.

The inside of the closet. I do feel obligated to press the deep creases out of my shirts on occasion, so all these irons do come in handy. There never seem to be enough hangers, though.

This is a table in the room and basically what you see when you walk in the door.

These are the beds, one for sleeping, and one for piling luggage, laptops, laundry, and other things not necessarily beginning with the letter L on.

My desk in the room. I used it some to work from my hotel room when I wasn't in the registration area. There really wasn't too much time I wasn't working on this trip.

The view of the Orange County Convention Center from my room. Or at least part of it. This is the North or South Hall, I forget which.

Blurry picture number 1. Some I just had to use. In this picture is Pointe Orlando. More on it in the next installment.

The view looking down from my room on the entrace to the hotel, which was less blurry in real life.

The registration office. I actually spent most of my back office time in a room next to this one connected to the servers in this office.

This is a Type A USB connector which caused me no end of trouble at this show. Something I never noticed until I was inspecting this cable for damage is that the pins in a USB plug are offset such that the pins that carry power to the device connect after the sheath, which is grounded, and before the data pins. Isn't that clever? You can see the offset in this picture.

The registration area at MGX from an attendee point of view.

The registration area at MGX from an Experient employee point of view (after a very long day).

The nice big green sign announcing this is MGXFY08. As is plain for all to see, MGX is People Ready.

That big green sign is no more, though. Registration areas are short-lived.

The big green cases are still around though. And thus, the end of registration at MGX and the end of the first installment about this trip.

Sunday, August 12, 2007 

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