Sunday, April 29, 2007

JLC Providence 2007

This is just a plane taking off at the BWI airport. I flew Southwest Airlines from Baltimore to Providence, Rhode Island. Makes sense, right?

This time I stayed at the Hotel Providence. This is a picture of it, on the wall, that was in my room.

So here's the shower.

And here's the sink.

The closet.

The bed. Again with the pillows.

The desk.

An armoire. Guess what is inside.

If you guessed a television, coffee maker, and ice bucket, you win.

The is the view out of my window to the left. It was OK. There is actually a lot of building going on in Providence right now, and it looks like they are trying hard to preserve a lot of the building facades.

The is the view to the right. Not quite as interesting as the view to the left.

And this is the steeple of Grace Church, which I could see from my window. I guess it is old and historically relevant, but I don't know how old or why.

Sunday, April 29, 2007 

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