Sunday, April 29, 2007

MGX FY08 2007 Site Visit

I traveled to Orlando, Florida, for a site visit for the MGX FY08 meeting that will be held in July. This is my room at the Hilton Garden Inn SeaWorld. More pillows anyone? 

The closet, just inside the door.

The shower.

The sink.

I'm not positive, but I think this is the first room I stayed in that had a microwave, or a refrigerator. Or at least a refrigerator that wasn't stocked full of $5 bags of peanuts.

This is the room looking back to the door.

Here's the view out the left of my window.

And here's the view out the right. It was rainy the first day I was in Orlando.

That went away. The second day it was sunny and hot. This is the landscaping outside the Orange County Convention Center, where the meeting will be held.

Some more of the landscaping.

This where the registration area will be.

That's it for my trip to Orlando. I was there for a day, basically. This is the view outside my window on the plane.

Up we go. My flight was delayed for an hour and a half, by the way. Because of snow. I was flying Southwest again, this time from Orlando to Baltimore, and my flight was delayed by snow. I guess if I am flying up the east coast on Southwest Airlines, it makes just as much sense for my flight out of Orlando to be delayed because of snow.

Sunday, April 29, 2007 

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