Sunday, November 25, 2007

Power Steering Pump Pulley Wheel Installation

This is what was left of the pulley wheel on the shaft of the power steering pump after the collision or thereabouts.

This piece of the wheel was caught by the splash guard at the bottom of the engine compartment . . . I do not know where the rest of the wheel is.

This is what the pulley wheel ought to look like. Notice especially that it happens to be in one piece, versus two.

The shiny spot is where the old wheel was and where the new wheel is to go.

Here is a much closer view. I really had to exert some force to get the old wheel off of the shaft. There were several loud popping noises during that process. I am hoping I didn't destroy anything in the process of removing it, but I won't really know that until I start the engine up, which I can't do right now because the battery is dead.

Here is the new pulley wheel installed in its proper place. The power steering pump pulley installer is still attached.

And here is the pulley in place, along with the accessory drive belt. This makes my engine look a lot more like the diagrams in my service manual. The belt drives the power steering pump and the alternator, which is why the battery has no charge left. So the next step is to charge the battery and see if something goes horribly wrong when I start the engine.

Sunday, November 25, 2007 

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