Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Car repair on the web

I just wanted to mention that my recent blog about my Dodge Intrepid is not the first car repair I have documented on the web. Heh. It's not even the first about a Dodge. I am almost certain that distinction belongs to the page below that I created on circa 2003 and from which the above picture is taken. It documents a repair I made to the window regulator on a 1993 Dodge Dynasty (not my car). And that is not the first window repair I ever did--I fixed the window on my 1987 Pontiac Grand Am. Sadly, I do not think I have any pictures of that door torn apart. That window had a hand crank. You know, the motor on one of my windows in my Intrepid failed, too, but that was under warranty so I didn't have to fix that one! As a bonus for Hood alumni, the page below has pictures of the car parked in no less than three different parking lots at Hood. See if you can identify them . . . .
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Wednesday, December 12, 2007 

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