Sunday, December 16, 2007

Off with its hood!

I acquired some replacement parts from a local auto salvage operation, a.k.a. junkyard. Your object should be to not have parts in a junk yard be in better shape than the parts bolted to your car. That is not the case for my Intrepid currently, however. I had to partially remove the hood liner to disconnect the windshield wiper nozzles.

As the Red Queen says, "Off with its hood!" Or something like that. My car looks better now? Right now there's only one obviously damaged body part visible (the front left fender), where before there were five (the fender, the hood, the bumper cover, the headlight, and the cross member).

Again, to have your hood resting comfortably on the side of your car is probably not the best. Your car maintenance tools should probably not include a vise grip (even it's a great tool) and a hammer, either. To get the replacement hood on the car, I had to bend the mangled fender out of the way with the vise grip and bang away on it with the hammer some. I forgot to take a picture of the replacement hood in place, so that will have to wait for another day.

Your trunk should probably not have in it so many parts that belong on the front of the car. Mine does. In this picture you can see: the right (original) and left (replacement) headlamps; the radiator cooling fans; some pieces from the original hood, like the liner and the windshield washer nozzles and tubes; the old crossmember (it's almost all hidden though); and the replacement fender. The fender is going to be a bit difficult to replace. So far I have had pretty good luck with the repair. Hopefully that will continue.

Sunday, December 16, 2007 

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