Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Warning: Adult Content!

Once again I was off to Seattle. Once again via Boston. JetBlue's terminal at Logan is not the best in terms of food choice. This is the receipt from my lunch (it was late) there. Kind of unappealing-sounding menu selections here, huh? I imagine O Rings are kind of chewy. They probably have little flavor, but certainly more flavor than a No Flavor food item would. I downed my O Rings and No Flavor and hopped aboard JetBlue for the next leg of my journey.

Here is my plane.

No wait. Here is my plane.

No wait. Here is my plane.

No wait. Here is my plane. Or the back end part of it.

Once I landed in Seattle, I went to the Seattle Grand Hyatt. I really like staying in the Hyatt. Go figure. Trying to take pictures without the flash kind of messed up the white balance here. Things weren't this yellow.

I believe this is the first room I've stayed in that had a flat-panel TV instead of a CRT.

I never sat in this chair once, but here it is.

Here is the desk in the room. The color is a little more normal in this picture.

As it is in this picture of the hall.

Which, of course, leads to the magnificent bathroom.

With the most dramatically lit toilet of any hotel anywhere.

And of course the shower with the all glass doors.

I've taken pictures of these buildings before. This is a tall building with a flag on it.

The tall building with the flag on it at night.

The shiny building during the day.

And the shiny building at night.

I wasn't in Seattle just to take pictures of tall buildings. I also helped support the TechReady event here.

I was not here for geocaching. Although you'll never guess what I found somewhere around this sign. Just as the person who hung the sign probably never imagined somebody would be taking a picture of it.

That sign is close to this park, which is actually just outside the registration area in the convention center. While I didn't see anybody taking a picture of the sign, right after I took this picture a guy lined it up in his camera phone. Just like the tables at the convention center in Atlanta, somebody is deciding to take the same picture I am taking.

The park here has a fountain. I took a picture of it. Guess what the guy with the camera phone did. If you guessed took the same picture, that would be correct. That's OK. There's at least one picture in this blog I'm almost positive nobody else has taken. I'll leave it up to you to guess which.

I wasn't in Seattle long. I decided to skip the last client-provided supper and head downtown to eat in a restaurant instead. This was the view outside. It wasn't quite this dark; the glass was tinted.

This mermaid had a spectacular view of my shin while I ate dinner. Maybe she is hungry.

Before I left Seattle again, I had to get a picture of Sylvester. This is an actually-factually dried-up dead dude.

And of course to his right is Sylvia. Sylvia is not quite as well preserved as Sylvester, but she is just as dead.

On the way back from the mummies, I saw this train rumbling on down by the waterfront.

And here is a closer look.

With dinner and the mummy visitation down, I was off the next day to visit my brother. I flew Alaska Airlines down from Seattle to San Jose, where he lives. The United plane is not my plane.

Closer. Right parent airline, but this is not my plane.

This is an Alaska Airlines jet, so we are getting closer, but it is not my plane.

This . . . this is my plane. I call it the Tinkerplane.

These two were waiting on the Tinkerplane. The stewardess--er, female flight attendant, may have been thinking, "They call me Miss-es Tinkerplane. That's how I got to get my name. They call me Miss-es Tinkerplane. So come along and play my game." Even if she wasn't, those were the lyrics running through my head. Fans of Ozzy will understand. Others--probably not so much.

And here's the picture I'm pretty sure nobody else has taken before. It's a picture of me, nekkid as the day I was born (but considerably larger), in the shower with the clear glass walls, taking a shower! Or at least in a shower-like pose, waiting for the flash to go off. So now there is a picture of me naked on the Internet. But it is OK because it is art. Besides, I warned everybody that this blog entry contained adult content!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008 

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