Thursday, May 1, 2008

CAM Cache Find 9

This work is from my impressionist phase. Also known as the phase where I try to hold my cell phone camera steady after hiking up Sugarloaf Mountain--and then half way back down, and across--in pursuit of CAM cache 9.

Once again, in the middle of a forest.

This is Strong Mansion. I think it is the house of the people who established the foundation that maintains the Sugarloaf Mountain park. A private corporation, a foundation, maintaining a free public park? You don't say. Somehow they do it but the state of Maryland finds it necessary to take a few more bucks from me each time I visit one of their parks. Anyway, nine down and one more to go.

I went searching for the CAM cache with my friend Jeff. He was worried our cars would get locked in the park, so he went back and moved his outside the gate. He missed finding the CAM cache, so I talked him into going out to look for a couple more later on. On our way back from trying to find the last one (we missed it), we came upon this truck.

It had run off the road, through a fence, across a culvert, and into an embankment. We looked, but we didn't find anybody in or near the truck. Afterwards, it occurred to me that whoever left the truck had presence of mind enough to turn it off.

The front axle was seriously messed up. You can't really see it here, but the front tire was in a position you don't ever want your front tire to be in.

The truck couldn't push this mud out of the way. But notice the windshield is fine, except where the rear view mirror broke off. The driver's side door could open, but the passenger's side door could not.

The tailgate is in good shape. The tool box flipped open and smashed the back window out. It was bent by something during the impact. Inside the cab there was a cell phone that kept ringing. I couldn't reach it without climbing in the truck, which I thought was not a good idea.

You can see the gas cover popped open too. The airbag, if there was one, did not deploy. My guess is that the driver was drunk, maybe saw a deer, lost control and crashed. I'm glad he got that out of his system before Jeff and I were there.

Thursday, May 01, 2008 

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