Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day (Observed)

Killing time between lunch and grilled hotdogs & sausages, guess what I did. If you guessed more searching for caches, you guessed right. I found the one here, in spite of the fact that this corner has seen some heavy work recently. I had looked for this one before and not found it. In fact, I found three caches today that I had looked for before and not managed to find. So that was good.

The building here can be leased.

It needs a little work, though.

Vandals also spraypainted a picture of . . . Ronald Reagan?

After three successful finds, I tried to do a forth. No luck. I almost stepped on this dead bird. Of course, this isn't the first picture of a dead bird with green bottle flies crawling on it that has made it into my blog. It appeared to be a recently departed bird. The fact that it looks like it died in mid-flight seems especially disturbing somehow.

You might think that would be the only repeat, but it wasn't. At the park, I saw that vandals had spraypainted another picture . . . Richard Nixon? I can't tell. I am being influenced by the first picture I saw.

To complete the cycle of life, I will post here a picture of a fawn laying in some grass near my parents' house. It received a good bit of attention today. It may be cute now but in another year or two it will probably be somebody's hood ornament. My family does not live in a remote area.

Monday, May 26, 2008 

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