Thursday, June 5, 2008

Who lives on Main Street?

Last weekend I returned to Hood for Reunion Weekend.

This was my sweet ride. I shuttled alumnae all to and fro on campus. Driving a golf cart on campus is great fun.

After I finished that, I had dinner with friends and then went in search of more caches. I didn't eat at this Cracker Barrel--it's where the cache was. And I went to another Cracker Barrel the next day and found another cache. How about that?

Speaking of caching the next day, I wound up in a cemetery. Again. Here I am on Main Street. I love the way the signs are lettered. Who lives on Main Street?

Well, this guy. Actually, no one lives on Main Street.

This isn't really the picture I was going for, but I had some problems with the batteries in my camera. I did make it out of the cemetery in time to find more caches, but I didn't take any pictures after this one!

Thursday, June 05, 2008 

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