Sunday, March 30, 2008

Another geocaching report

Yet another geocaching report. This day I was joined by my friend Dan. We started in Pangborn Park.

More of the park. It’s a nice park. Somewhere there’s a cache in the park. Don’t ask me where. Yet.

Nearby there was another cache. This pig is keeping an eye on the cache location from across the street.

From there we went to the nearby Fairgrounds Park, where we did not find anything, then to this bridge, where we did.

This was the noisiest cache I think I’m ever likely to encounter. Because there is one lane through a tunnel on a blind
curve (take that, highway safety engineers), you have to honk your horn as you drive through this tunnel. It’s
been years since I have been through this tunnel.

This is a Ford Festiva. It was made by Kia. Who knew? I was trying to take a picture of the cache location,
which is near a very busy intersection in town. Instead I wound up with the picture of the Festiva. But
you know, I am happy to have the picture of the Festiva, so that works. Also present in this picture, for
those in the know, is Item 13.

Sunday, March 30, 2008 

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