Sunday, April 13, 2008

Western Maryland Geocaches Part II

I am falling further behind in documenting my CAM 2008 searches. Oops. So. This entry will be brief, because I didn't do too much on this day. Seriously, if their eyes looked like this normally, would that be freaky or what? I actually saw a few deers on my way in to find the cache.

This right here is a cache. It was the second CAM 2008 cache I found, and I found it at around 1:30 a.m. I only thought that was late. There would be later finds ahead. But I was happy to find this, because it was dark, it was cold, I was in the middle of a wooded area, and I still had about an hour long drive after I got back to my car.

This is the view on the drive up to find the cache. There's a better more natural view on the way to the cache back in the woods, but it was dark, so I couldn't take a picture of it.

The next day I was kind of worn out by the day before, so I decided to go hunt a benchmark instead. This dirt was underneath the chunk of concrete above it there.

And in and under that dirt was this benchmark monument. This was neat to find because I tried a couple weeks before and couldn't, and then I was able to because I paid less attention to the GPS and more attention to the write up about the benchmark. I stepped off the measurements and there it was.

And this is one final, close-up look at benchmark K12-1935. That was it. Not much for this day because I was pretty tired. But that was bad in a way, because time was ticking away on CAM 2008 and I still had a lot to do! More on that coming up soon.

Sunday, April 13, 2008 

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