Sunday, August 31, 2008

Another day, another toad--and some rocks

I saw this toad on my way up to try, try, again to find one of the caches that have been eluding me for the past two weeks.

When I got to the cache site, a.k.a. ground zero, I stuck a stick in the mud. It joined a few others on the mountain. It makes it easy to see how much the GPS signal bounces on the mountain.

Sometimes caches get hidden in trees like this. I like this picture because if you look close in the hole it looks like two little glowing eyes are staring back out of it. There wasn't anything in there, at least with eyes, when I got up close.

People ask how the geocaching game can be hard. See the wire in this picture? That's what I needed to find in the middle of the woods, plus or minus 30 to 60 feet. Actually, it was a little easier than that today. But it's what the next person will have to find, and what I was supposed to find.

Just another picture of the rocks up at the Black Rock view. I've taken pictures of them before. These are kind of dim and blurry, but it was that kind of day for the most part.

Does that look like a long way down? Because it is.

I title this picture "Bad Dog?" It's a rusted dog chain that ends at the remains of a fire pit. You're not supposed to build fires here. Or for that matter, abandon your dog. Or your dog chain.

I tried to make my way down to where another cache was while I was at Black Rock, but I couldn't figure out how to make my way down. This is looking up some rocks I just climbed down. I really couldn't go any further down from this spot. At least, not with much hope of ever being able to get back up again. And several options would have involved a great deal of pain. So I just hung around the view up here, but did that so long that I ran out of light as I was hiking off the mountain. At one point, very near the end, I slipped on a wet rock (a couple of them, actually) in the dark and landed on my left hand. It's been about five hours now and most of the constant pain has gone away, but there is pain with some movement of my thumb and there is some swelling now. I may have messed up my hand. We'll have to see what color it is tomorrow. I went to urgent care over the Memorial Day weekend, so why should Labor Day be any different I guess!

Sunday, August 31, 2008 

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