Saturday, September 27, 2008

Community Carnival

The weekend after Poolesville Day found me visiting with friends at a carnival at a church near where I live.

Here's the church. I got here kind of late, so things were winding up.

Caleb, son of my friends Jason and Stephanie, riding one of the aforementioned ponies.

Their daughter Emily, doing the same.

A goat. This one looks kind of sinister. At least as much as a small goat can.

This guy, though, cracks me up every time I look at this picture. I was trying to get a good close-up and he was trying to eat my camera.

Honestly, this is the first of a series of walking-rug animals that I have little familiarity with. I think this is a yak. But don't quote me on that.

I think this is a Scottish highland calf. Again, don't quote me on that.

A baby llama? I guess?

Birds of some sort of feather. I thought they were doves, but the web site of The Children's Party Wagon, Inc., claims they have trick pigeons, so I guess these could be those also.

There were also these ducks.

I thought this was a mule but the web site claims "minature donkey."

There were also bunnies.

A moon bounce. Per usual, it was less blurry in real life.

There was cotton candy.

And as you can just make out in that last picture, there was a clown.

There were games, too. Who needs to spend thousands of dollars to sail on a cruise ship to play the bag toss game? Not me!

There was also this game, some sort of bolas toss. You don't get that game on the fun ship.

And there was punch and pie. More people will come if you say you will have punch and pie.

Saturday, September 27, 2008 

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