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One Last Island - Cruise Day 7

I decided to seek out the midnight buffet on the last day (technically, since it was after midnight) of the cruise.

There was an ice sculpture in the middle of the table. Much like the food that was carved up as decoration that you couldn't eat, this ice was carved up as decoration not meant to keep anything cold.

I'm not exactly sure what creature the ice sculpture was supposed to be. A dragon, maybe, with wings. Like Trogdor.

Like I said in the previous blog, or the next blog depending on which way you're reading, I'm not sure they had any watermelons for eating. They just spent all the time carving them up like this.

The midnight buffet really didn't impress me. I went to bed and hours later woke up in Freeport, Bahamas.

A Maersk cargo ship.

I was actually sailing in the sailing off-season. Another sister ship, the Carnival Destiny, was in dry dock, being prepped for the new season. So, once again, I cannot say I was on the bigger ship. But I was on the one that had the virtue of being in the water.

Freeport, looking forward on the boat.

So if you were wondering when any of my vacation photos would start to look like vacation photos, this is it. This is some of the landscaping of the Viva Wyndham Fortuna Beach resort.

I'm not exactly sure how the people staying at the resort feel about the invasion of a hundred or so cruisers, but I guess it helps pay the bills at the resort.

A nice deserted beach with white sand.

There was stuff washed up on the beach, but I don't know if that's normal, or that was because of all the hurricanes.

This is probably what everybody had in mind when I told them I was going to go on a cruise in the Carribean.

The resort had many different activities. There was sailing on these little two-person (or maybe four-person) catamarans. There was also snorkeling and a swimming pool. I did all of that. Part of the package I purchased included an open bar I think. I didn't do that. The resort also had tennis and archery, but those activities were before we arrived or after we left.

My footprint, taken on the way back to the lunch buffet.

An obligatory seagull on the beach photo.

Houses on the beach. I forget if they said all beaches were public or not. There was something about fences, too.

I think this was some coral that had washed up on the beach.

The only way to travel on an island, I guess.

The Grand Bahama International Airport. Except U.S.

A plane on its way to the airport I guess.

A view of the Destiny, sailing on land, from the resort.

We headed back to the ship. The ship is docked at the port, where there is practically nothing to do. Except, of course, geocache! So I was hunting the nearby geocache when I found this bird's nest instead.

I thought this was the cache at first, but it was just some electrical conduit taped up where it had been cut off.

Sadly, the one cache near the port was missing. This is where it should have been.

I was going to toy with the perspective in this photo somehow and suggest that it was a large pyramid that had been built on the Grand Bahama island, but I don't think that really works.

Here are the pyramids. I don't know if aliens built them or not.

With no cache to log, it was back to the ship.

I passed by this cutout on the way back to the ship.

There is a lot of shipping traffic that goes through this port. Here's an MSC cargo ship.

Some ships in the distance.

Port facilities.

A distribution facility, apparently.

Storage tanks.

Lots of cargo continers.

The cargo cranes.

One more picture of the Destiny, staying put while we sail away.

Some nice sunset pictures.

Maybe better if the light wasn't there, I guess.

Here's a picture without the light. I could have taken this picture from my balcony, but instead I was on the open deck next to my balcony.

I was trying different exposure settings. This is either an over-exposed sunset picture or what it will look like for a few brief seconds if we ever decide just to nuke Cuba.

I was forward on the open deck not to get a better sunset picture, but because I knew we were sailing into these clouds.

This guy was also taking pictures of the sunset. In the distance is the rain we are sailing into. See the open spot between the two columns? That is where the captain is trying to steer. Eventually that closes off.

The sun is going down.

The rain is getting closer.

The sun disappears over the horizon, but behind some clouds.

The clouds win.

And down comes the rain.

So I went back inside because I was getting wet and because it was getting close to time for my last supper on board the Glory. This is the Cinn-a-bar. It was on the way, kind of.

My last dinner was surf and turf. This was the turf.

And this was the surf. Bigger and better crab cakes I have had, but this one was not all that bad.

After dinner I went back to my room and started packing up a little bit. I decided to take a picture of all the cabinet space in my room.

The lights were fixed to these cabinets, which were kind of functioning as night stands.

Here's the other side, with a brief cameo by my travel alarm clock.

The mini bar. It was locked. I never opened it.

Plenty of dresser space for me.

The very useful in-room safe.

One of the two closets.

The other closet.

I put the life jacket where I found it.

The night before arriving back in Cape Canaveral, everybody is supposed to set their luggage outside of their door. You had the option of not doing that and keeping your own luggage, which is what I opted to do.

I took a picture of these chains just to see what happened with my flash.

The answer: nothing special happened.

I wanted to take a picture of this room with the others, but there was some sort of AA meeting going on and I had to come back later.

The Kaleidoscope sculpture. Behind it is one of the dining rooms. The Platinum Room, I think.

A roadmap of sorts for the Kaleidoscope Boulevard.

Another picture of the lobby, from a different perspective.

The Lido deck of the Glory, at night.

Continuing on the tour of the ship, this is the volleball net.

Across from it was a basketball court.

Snakes On A Boat!

Actually, just part of a putt-putt course. A few holes on this side of the smokestack.

And a few more holes on this side.

The sign very much appreciated me visiting the putt-putt course so late at night.

A beverage station. It always amazes me that I take pictures of things other people decide to take pictures of, too. This was no exception. I was busy setting my tripod up to take this picture when somebody else walked in with a camera and took a picture of the beverage station. Go figure.

They didn't take a picture of the red sailboat, though.

That is the namesake of the Red Sail Restaurant, which is where I am taking these pictures.

Once again, the Amber Theater, site of many energetic performances of the Glory Dancers.

A closer look at the Amber Theater curtain.

And a closer look at the Amber Theater chandelier.

I'm not sure exactly who this is supposed to be--Rasputin, maybe.

I'm sure this character has a name. Whatever it is, it is on display in the trophy case of the Carnival Glory.

This NASA-themed wheel was also on display. Three of the pictures (at least) are shuttle-era pictures.

This is part of a map of the ship. All the room names are what this says they are, regardless of what I might have said.

This is the other part of the map.

My Fun Card. I forget what the card's name actually was. Let's just call it the Fun Card. This was the last picture for the last day of the cruise, unless you count the day in port at Cape Canaveral.

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