Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Cruise Day 4 - And Some Night

Cruise Day 4 begins at night.

I like these pictures because they kind of look other-worldly, at least to me.

But you can see, even out on the ocean in the middle of the night, we're not quite alone.

There were some clouds in the distance. The captain kept steering the boat away from them.

They just got taller and taller. No real massive storm clouds, though.

The is the bow at night. I just took this picture to see what would develop. The back of the ship is brightly lit; the bow is not.

I stayed up late that night I think. I woke up the next day to the small earthquake again as we docked in Roatan.

Roatan is just starting to build up its port facility, so it's not quite there yet.

Here's the pier. Everybody is already off of the ship. I slept in. The shore excursions started early. I didn't.

In the distance is the Roatan airport, the other way to get here.

This is a closer look at the airport landing strip. When we left, a plane that had a bare alumninum skin flew a couple hundred feet over the ship preparing to land at the airport. It looked kind of retro, but I didn't have my camera ready.

Here's the water next to the ship. You can see the water is pretty clear.

Here's another good look.

I got off of the ship, walked through the port facility being built, and out into the streets of Roatan. The first thing I came to was a graveyard. A local who forced himself on me and some other nearby touristas told us this grave was empty. He seemed kind of annoyed that I was taking a picture of the empty grave. He started talking about some other grave and I just wandered off and left him with the other people. I don't think they wanted to be bothered by him, either, but they were closer to him than I.

Not a lot of room to go down I guess. Remember the church grave. You'll see its inspiration in a bit.

Having slept through the departure of the shore excursions again, I had ambitions of geocaching in Roatan. Once again, I set off walking towards the cache. Along the way, I once again encountered real estate for sale.

I also found The Players Club. Who loves ya, baby!

The Tiffanie Tower, in case you're planning to stay there.

The Roatan Wal-Mart. I needed to keep walking, so I didn't go in. It didn't look quite as inviting as the Mexican supermarket, anyway.

This is a fun sign. Isn't traffic fun in a country where you can just make up rules as you go along? The road curved here, which was the reason for the sign. P.S.: The sign doesn't stop people.

A three hour tour . . . a three hour tour . . . .

The Roatan Home Depot. There was a lot of construction as I walked along the way. All of it in some state of progress, except the complete state, and with seemingly little aggressive movement toward that complete state.

Like here, where they decided to skip building the rest of the house around this, I guess.

There were several restaurants along the way. This one also sold windows.

The Internet cafe. I was tempted to go in and have a look, but I had a schedule to keep and I did not seem to be getting any closer to the geocache.

The Roatan Convention and Tourism Bureau welcomes me to Roatan with a sign proclaiming the construction (eventually) of drinkable water and basic sanitation.

Remember the church in the graveyard? Here it is, life-size, as opposed to death-size, which was in the graveyard.

The other hotel, Hotel Monalisa. Essentially where I would be staying, I guess, if I missed the boat.

The Flower Bay Social Center. Once again, the sign is in English. This island is off of the coast of Honduras.

Actually, I met some people along the way. One guy, who was dressed in a rumpled suit, seemed to crawl out of the edge of this vacant lot. I'm not sure what was up with that. But he was very polite and smiled as we passed each other. The other was a guy who asked me if I was alright in kind of an aggressive way. Probably good that I could answer clearly. I don't think if I were in trouble that guy would have helped me. Hard to say, I guess, but that's the impression I got. So I moved on.

This is the Hip Hop Club. It's as far as I made it in my quest for the geocache. I could not go further than this and be absolutely sure that I could make it bad to the ship on time. So I turned around and started walking back. No cache for me! Eventually I met up with a cab and took it back to the port facility.

Here's the water being stirred up as the ship pushes away from the doc.

Our police escort.

I couldn't decide which cropped version I liked better.

The color really changes in this one.

I was hoping to get the sun on the water, but it set behind these clouds.

And with that, I went to eat dinner, watch the show, and got back to my room to find yet another creature to end Day 4.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008 

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