Saturday, September 20, 2008

Poolesville Day 2008

I am so far behind in my blogging! My vacation photos in my blog entries totaled nearly 700 pictures. That took a lot to get through! Onward! Once again this year, I found myself in Poolesville to visit my friend Jeff.

The occasion was Poolesville Day.

What is there to do at Poolesville Day? Here's your answer.

These motorcycles were parked just outside the official parade route.

The old Poolesville town hall has been turned into an art museum. Right now with the missing L the sign reads Poolesvile. Vile doesn't sound as welcoming as ville.

I don't know what the art museum keeps in the safe, but there it is.

Beside the old town hall is the old Poole house, complete with period vinyl siding.

This buggy didn't go as fast . . .

. . . as I imagine this buggy does.

There's also a car show just outside the parade route.

There are some old cars like this.

And there are some newer historical cars like this.

This car was nice and shiny, so I took a picture of it. You know I like shiny things.

This is the truck Christine would have been, if she were a truck, which she was not.

Walking down to the main part of Poolesville, along the parade route now, there were these walking rugs, otherwise known as alpacas.

There was also a moo cow.

And some tractors. So this event is kind of like a town fair.

But there were also parrots.

The stage where many musical acts perform.

A wiener dog! At least it looked like a wirehaired dachshund. Not sure what the companion pooch was. I'm a big fan of dachshunds for sure!

Last up is this sign on the way out of town. I mean, I know it's a Methodist church, but so often in the news I hear meth lab, meth-heads, and so on, it's hard for me not to go right to meth-church being full of speed freaks. Anyway, no offense to the people of the Meth church. Poolesville Day was grand!

Saturday, September 20, 2008 

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