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Cruise Day 6 - A Soggy Fun Day At Sea

Day six of the cruise was a Fun Day at Sea. So this barge was some of the only other people we saw that day. It is interesting that we frequently had company in the middle of the ocean.

The Fun Day at Sea was also a Wet Day at Sea. I gather the sun was up part of the time that I wasn't, but around lunch time the rain started and didn't let up for the rest of the day.

That really wasn't so bad because there were plenty of activities planned for inside the ship.

The seas were pretty rough. I enjoyed that, though. It was the first time the whole trip I felt like I was on a boat.

The waves would crash into the side of the ship, and the front of the ship, where I was at least, would go up and down.

It got so bad sloshing the water around in the pools that they drained the pools. Nobody was swimming because of the rain, anyway.

With some time inside the ship, I took some pictures that I had not before. This is the safe in my room with my stuff in it.

This is my room on the ship. I was on the port side. All the rooms on the port side had even numbers. I hope I got that right.

Ship's time. The funny thing is, not all of the clocks read the same time. I would have thought they would be synchronized, but they were not.

Maybe these watches are all set on ship's time, too.

These figurines were also available, for whatever reason.

All of this and more at The Fun Shops.

If you couldn't spend your money fast enough at the stores, you could try to lose it in the ship's casino, which had an Egyptian theme.

More of the casino decorations.

People played this bean bag toss game constantly. Because it was raining outside, on this day they moved it inside next to the casino.

Kaleidoscope Boulevard.

Where you can find the arcade, Ultraviolet's.

And the White Heat disco.

Stools around the dance floor in the White Heat disco.

And some tables.

The Burgandy Bar never seemed to get much use.

These are some elephants.

They are in the Ivory Room.

That's where I had tea.

And some cucumber sandwiches. One day they had classical music being played by a small trio. Pictures of the trio in the lobby follow in a bit.

Cyberspace was in a very odd spot. You had to go through the Ivory Room to get to it. It's probably a converted closet.

It is where the PCs are on board. There aren't a lot of them. The ship has wireless internet available in some areas. I am not sure where because I did not use it because it was too expensive.

Next up is the Ebony Cabaret.

The Ebony Cabaret is where the "adult" comedy shows were. Mostly the comedians were vulgar and not really that funny. Drunk people laugh easily, though.

This is the blue room. At night, which this isn't, the room is indeed very blue.

This is a typical dining table configuration. It is in the Platinum Dining Room. I was seated in the Gold Dining Room, but it's more or less the same.

One of the terminals used by the hordes of waiters who brought drinks to people.

I snapped these pictures on my way into the kitchen for the galley tour. There was lots of stainless steel in the galley.

Nobody said what these controls were for. But whatever they're for, there they are.

I don't think we saw inside the break room.

Likewise, we did not go into the wine cellar. I doubt it was much of a cellar.

Escalators in the kitchen. I do not remember seeing escalators anywhere else on the ship.

Where all of the tablecloths and napkins come from or go to.

The phonebook.

The galley freezer.

The cooked chef's box.

Not to be confused with the raw chef's box, which apart from the signs, seems like might be an easy thing to do.

I guess chef's dig walk-in coolers instead of walk-in closets.

The chef was actually behind this door. But he was busy.

One wonders how they get the desert plates out then.

There were many bright posters back in the kitchen.

One wall was basically a giant billboard.

This was a poster near and dear to my heart.

Followed very closely by this fine poster.

With that, we started to actually get to see some food. In this case, cheese.

I'm not sure if they bought any watermelons to eat or if they just spent their time carving pictures into all of them.

Time for some fresh produce, like cucumbers . . .

. . . eggplants . . .

. . . red peppers . . .

. . . green peppers . . .

. . . mushrooms . . .

. . . bigger mushrooms . . .

. . . tomatoes . . .

. . . apples from the earth . . .

. . . yuca (I think) . . .

. . . cauliflower . . .

. . . radishes . . .

. . . turnips (I think) . . .

. . . more peppers . . .

. . . butternut squash . . .

. . . and broccoli!

If you finish your vegetables, you can have cake, like these white ones . . .

. . . or these brown ones . . .

. . . or these orange cakes . . .

. . . or these strawberry cakes . . .

. . . or these yellow ones!

Safety is everyone's responsibility!

Washing dishes is only some peoples' responsibility, I guess. I was actually invited to take a picture of the dishwasher. I guess that guy is tired of all of the cakes and other desserts getting all of the attention!

With that, the galley tour was over, and it was back out through the revolving doors, and into the Plantinum Room.

The aforesaid room.

Continuing with my tour of the ship, the Green Room, which always seemed to be configured for weddings, but I never saw any obvious brides on board.

The library on board.

There were not so many books in the other shelves.

This is a concert in the lobby that usually happened during the day in the lobby.

The lobby.

The elevators that were part of the lobby.

I went down into the bar that was in lobby to watch the concert.

The ceiling kept changing colors.

So I kept taking pictures.

There was red . . .

. . . and purple . . .

I spent some time just timing the light.

One last look at the ceiling in almost all of its blue-ness.

We were told that it was given to the ship as some kind of reward for superior customer service, etc.

And last I returned to my room finding one last creature waiting for me.

Friday, September 12, 2008 

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